Land Boundary Agreement India Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh have a long-standing territorial dispute, which had remained unresolved for many years. However, in 2015, both countries took a significant step towards resolving the issue by signing a historic land boundary agreement.

The agreement aimed to resolve a dispute that involved over 160 enclaves, small pieces of land that were completely surrounded by the other country`s territory. These enclaves were remnants of colonial-era border demarcation and resulted in statelessness for thousands of people living in them.

The signing of the agreement meant that India and Bangladesh would swap enclaves, with the residents having the option to either stay where they were or move to the country of their choice. The agreement also included the exchange of 162.3 km of land boundary and 6.7 km of river boundary.

The resolution of the dispute was a significant achievement for both countries, as it paved the way for improved bilateral relations and cooperation in areas such as trade, energy, and security. It also helped to reduce tensions along the border and promote regional stability.

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